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Whoa! It’s been a while! February 23, 2012

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Wow, have I ever been a blog slacker?! You would think that ever since Brian got home that life would be much more exciting, but … unfortunately, our life is not that exciting. Way back when, when I last blogged, I think we were enjoying the company of Brian’s mom and stepdad, and some serious cornhole games. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and they had to go home, and Brian had to go back to work. End the excitement.

So, what has been going on here? Not a whole lot. It has been a very mild winter here (along with most of the country) and while we haven’t seen much sun lately, we have lots of flowers blooming and trees budding. While I really am a North Dakota girl, through and though, and really wanted some cold and winter, spring in Florida is beautiful and I would like for it to last as long as possible. Because we all know that the insane Florida summer is lurking right around the corner … and I’d like to hold that off as long as possible. BUT, regardless of when it comes, I will be sure to enjoy it thoroughly because it should be our last summer here (and that does not mean that we have any idea of what is next for sure).

Tyler has been keeping busy with school. He’s not doing track this year (but says he will do cross country AND track next year, in his last year here). He’ll be getting his permit in less than a month and I’ll be getting my hair colored again soon. I’m so glad his Dad is home for this event. Those first few drives around town do not need to happen with his crazy sisters in the van. He’s been mentioning wanting to get a job. He’s been saving his $ for a Mac … he’s almost there. I do not like, at all, the fact that my tiny, baby boy is about to turn 15 and is pushing 5’10”.

Sophie has been very busy driving us crazy. She is taking piano lessons (is now playing with 2 hands and is almost done with her first book), doing gymnastics, and has her last game to cheer at on Saturday. While she is really not good about practicing piano, or maybe I should say that I’m not very good about enforcing her practice, she is doing great and her teacher always mentions how impressed she is with her. She loves cheer and gymnastics … basically, Sophie is gung-ho about everything active. She is very interested in playing soccer again. I am not one to over schedule my kids, I don’t want to be running around EVERY night of the week. But, Sophie really needs that outlet, and very much enjoys it. We are all happier for it. Oh, and she lost tooth #9 about a month ago.

Emma has been loving school. They had caterpillars in their classroom, which they got to see form chrysalis’s, and then emerge as butterflies. She has been teaching us songs about chrysalis’s and metamorphosis. Today they let the butterflies go in the courtyard. She also is singing a song about horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. She is pretty much always singing a song about something. She has been very happy to be back in gymnastics and doesn’t feel the need to be in anything else. Daddy being home has been the biggest adjustment for Emma. Not that she has had a hard time with him being home, but after him being gone as much as he was over the past year, she’s pretty used to me doing everything for her … and still only wants me to do everything for her. This can be pretty frustrating for us, but, she’s still pretty little in the whole scheme of it, and I can understand it. Daddy has been gone quite a bit since Emma was 1 1/2, and I’m always around, so it’s pretty natural that she is going to go with the norm. I think we’ll see quite a shift in independence in the fall when she heads off to kindergarten (insert tears!!). I am making a conscious effort to enjoy the extra snuggles and the extra few minutes at bedtime, as very soon we’ll be onto a whole different stage of life.

And me? I really haven’t been doing much, but my days keep flying by. I have been very good about working out at least 4 times a week, usually taking classes on base. I was thinking that it was a little odd that I hadn’t noticed the usual increase in energy I typically have when I’m working out really well, only to find out that I had pneumonia (the “walking” kind, I guess). I have a few more appointments to go through for the coughing issue that brought me into the doctor in the first place, and hopefully I’ll be back in full + swing very soon. After some heart to hearts with Brian, I’ve decided to hold off my job search until at least next fall when all three kids are in school full time. I have to say, I have the most supportive husband ever. While he understands that I would like to go back to work, probably more for myself than because we are in dire need of the money, he prefers me at home, barefoot and pregnant … JUST KIDDING!!! But really, he likes that I’m home for the kids and making his dinner every night … JUST KIDDING!! Ok, really though, he likes that I’m home. I’ve been very lucky, and it’s nice not to feel any pressure to have to get a job until a really great offer comes along.

And, lastly, Brian has been busy with work, and will continue to be very busy for quite some time … kind of how jobs work, huh? It’s so great to have him home, and making me dinner a few times a week (NOT kidding!!).

Ok, I better get dinner on the grill. Turkey burger night … mmmm!!!

I hope you are all doing well! Sending lots of love to you all ~ Jackie


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