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Healthy Heart January 18, 2012

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What a great day! I have my in-laws here, the kids had their last round of Christmas presents this evening, but most of all: Emma had her routine cardiology appointment today.

After her surgery in June of ’09, she had to be seen every six months. After her last appointment, her doctor opted to see her at 9 months, and she is now going to be seen yearly. Her repair looks great and a couple other small issues haven’t changed, so things look great. I will admit that her appointments are the one thing that actually give me anxiety. I was so completely caught off guard by her heart condition in the first place, that I can’t help but feel nervous before every appointment. She never had any symptoms, so had we not had the pediatrician we had in Albuquerque, who knows when we would have actually found out. So thankful … so thankful for the care we’ve received and even more thankful for Emma’s good health (and the good health of my whole family, really).

The kids are super happy with their presents from “Granny” and “Papa”. Tyler got $$, he is saving (and saving really well) for a laptop. The girls got totes filled with all kinds of art stuff: paper, colored pencils, paint, glue sticks, scissors, etc. They will spend hours at the kitchen table drawing and cutting and painting … I’m sure they’ll have tore through this great gift in no time!

Our time with Brian home every day is quickly winding down. He has to go back to work on Monday, and we will officially be back to our “normal” routine. I guess that means that I’ll have to start making dinner again, boo.

I hope you are all doing well!! I better get the girls to bed and get some card playing in 🙂 ~ Jackie


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