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One Happy Family January 7, 2012

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I can’t even tell you all how happy I am to have us all back together again today! Having done this 4 times now, I can tell you that it doesn’t necessarily get easier. You do it, and you do fine, but you don’t miss them less. You are just as excited, and probably more so, each time they come home. And while it really stinks hearing daily how much your kids miss their Daddy, the surprise and joy on their faces when they seem him again, almost erase the tears and sadness while he was gone (again, almost).

For anyone that hasn’t seen our quick little homecoming video yet:

Daddy’s home!

(You can click on “Daddy’s home!” to see the video.)

Everyone was super excited to get Daddy home and have a nice dinner and then … CHRISTMAS (as if getting Dad back wasn’t present enough)!! Brian brought the girls handmade dresses he got at a bazaar:

Emma is also being a super big reader and was really excited about a new Mittens book. Sophie is loving her new karaoke microphone that you plug an ipod into and sing along. Tyler was super surprised with his new tv. I bought a blank puzzle and put the pieces in a bunch of different boxes. I don’t think he had any idea what was going on with the puzzle:

He was super excited  to get a new tv!

And then it was bedtime. We were all very tired, as the kids and I had been up since 5 (I was up earlier … who can sleep when their husband is supposed to be home in a couple hours?!). We originally were supposed to pick Brian up at 6:30 am, then 5:30 am, that was then moved to 9 am because of fog and not being able to land. Then they couldn’t land AGAIN because of the fog. We finally got him back around 5:30 last night. Complete joy!!

Ok … we gotta figure out dinner here.

Lots of love to you all, and thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes through the past months. We so appreciate it!! ~ Jackie



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