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Almost … January 5, 2012

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So, I’ve been a cleaning machine, getting ready for Brian to get home. It’s not like he cares, he knows very well that I’m not a great housekeeper (he didn’t marry me for my domestic skills). But, I would imagine after months on end of sharing a very small room, with another guy, community showers and portajohns, dining halls, that the clean comforts of home are very much looked forward to. It’s the least I can do, to welcome my man home. And honestly, it just REALLY all needed to be done anyway. Mostly though, I probably just need to shave my legs since it’s been over 3 months. I kid, really, I kid!!

The kids all talked to Brian a couple nights ago. They know he’s headed home, but have no idea exactly how long it will take.

The last deployment phone call!!

WHAT?! On your way?!

Tyler is not as willing to be my subject, and would be super unhappy to know that I put his picture on the internet, so just know that he talked to his Dad and could not be more excited to have him home. I think he’s a bit bummed though too, because he has finals next week and lots of studying to do … and really just wants to hang out with his Dad. He’ll get lots of time after those finals are knocked out.

Ok, I better get back to my list of “to do’s”. But one day, real soon, you all won’t have to hear me whine about missing my husband anymore!!

Love to you all! ~ Jackie


One Response to “Almost …”

  1. YAY! So Happy and excited to see you all together again!

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