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A new day, a new week, a new month, AND a new year! January 1, 2012

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How often does that happen all at once (actually about every 5 or 6 years … so not really uncommon)?! Anyway, it’s still pretty cool 🙂

2011 was a good year for us. A recap, shall we?

We started the year off with Brian just having deployed to Iraq. Sophie was busy with kindergarten, Tyler was busy finishing up jr. high, and Emma was busy with preschool. I was busy taking them to gymnastics and track and soccer, while getting used to Irene’s new sister, Fergie.

February was pretty uneventful, which is good. March also flew by, and in April Brian got back home in the wee hours of the morning as the best birthday present ever for Emma’s 4th birthday!!

On to May and school’s out.

And then June already?! June was a great month, with Brian organizing an 8k in which the proceeds were donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation … over $5000!! And then we flew to ND for a few weeks.

Some snuggle time with Great Grandma Vivian

Birthday cake with Great Grandpa Harvey and Auntie Lynn

Tractor rides with Grandpa Steve

And LOTS of mowing lawn to help out Grandpa and Grandma

July brought us to San Francisco for my sister’s wedding and we got to stay with the most hospitable friends ever, Heather and Joe.

Tyler LOVES hiking … and a captured moment of them getting along is priceless!!

August was back to school and Sophie started first grade, Emma VPK (a state funded preK for all 4 year olds in FL), and Tyler is now in HIGH SCHOOL!!

We tried out YOLO boards for the first time and we will definitely use them more next summer.

September meant time to send Brian off again.

(Just my favorite picture from September)

October flew by with Tyler busy in cross country. Tyler and I also attended an Air Commando Association Banquet, which was an honor.

November also flew by, staying busy.

Busy with things like broken arms 😦

Thanksgiving dinner

And BOOM! It’s December!

Man, did that go fast! Now we are officially beginning 2012 and I could not be happier. What are my wishes for the new year? Hmmm … I wish for more than 166 days of my husband being in the country this year. I say “in the country” because while he was deployed for 199 days of 2011, that doesn’t mean he was actually HOME for all 166 of the remaining days (they go on TDYs for a week or two here and there also) … but he was in the same country as me, so I’ll take it 🙂

I wish for the continued good health of my family. Emma has her cardiologist appointment coming up this month, and while I know she’s ok, it always makes me nervous as I was COMPLETELY blindsided by her condition in the first place.

Resolutions? Nah, I don’t really do resolutions, but I do intend to keep up the working out and running that I have been really good about for the last couple months. I would really like to do a Warrior Dash at the end of March and a Tough Mudder in the beginning of December (who’s with me?!). I also want to work on my patience … which I know I’m going to need with Tyler getting his permit REALLY soon … AGH!!! What else, I also want to be a better housekeeper this year. I’m definitely starting the year off right with my long list of things I want to have done by time Brian gets home, that I’ve already been working on.

Last, I appreciate all of the calls and messages from friends and family. And we are SO thankful for all of the family that came and visited us throughout the year (Brian’s dad made a trip and we put him right to work finishing the tile that I didn’t get to, and Brian’s mom and stepdad come multiple times every year … we are so thankful for that!!). While we love this military life we have, it is still hard being so far away from friends and family all over the states. Your calls, and emails, and visits mean the absolute world to us.

So, enough of my year in review. I’ll let you all back to enjoying your first day of 2012. Sending you all lots of New Year love!! ~ Jackie


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