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Battle of wills December 26, 2011

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Emma went to bed like such a big girl last night, after a really well behaved day. Progress! Maybe Santa’s letter got through?

Until morning. We skyped with Granny for a little bit, actually Emma chatted with her for quite a while … and then Miss Difficult took over. We ended up ending our call and Emma had some time in her room and Lucy (her Doodle Bear) was taken away until the evening, after she proved herself for the rest of the day.

She did great, she even wanted pictures taken:

What a couple sweet girls I have!!

Then it was bedtime again. And so the battle began again. Emma started being difficult and then started her “I have to tell you one more thing” routine. I give her the chance to tell me one more thing, and that’s it. Mind you, we’ve had a chance to talk a little bit before this all begins. I tell her, Emma, last thing and we are done. Then she says something like, “You talked mad at me.” And I’ll say something like, “Emma, say what you need to say.” And she’ll say something like, “I forgot.” And it goes on like that. I eventually give her a 3 count and walk away when she still doesn’t tell me her one more thing.

Tonight she yelled about her one more thing, for about an hour. At one point I said “What?!” She responded with, “You need to say with a cherry on top.” This girl is WORKING IT. She knows very well what she is doing. So, I let her yell, knowing that EVENTUALLY she would stop … right? She didn’t stop yelling, but finally at about the hour point, her yell changed. And it changed to, “I FEEL LIKE A BIG JERK!!” … over and over and over. I knew at that point that she finally was giving up. Finally. So, I went in and gave her some hugs and after she calmed down a little and couldn’t stop yawning, she was out in minutes.

Agh. It’s so quiet in here now, and I have a headache. But I’m positive that tomorrow will start out well.

Sleep well y’all!! ~ Jackie


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