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Merry Christmas!! December 25, 2011

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I hope this post finds you all enjoying your families and relishing in the joy on your children’s faces! Christmas is many different things to many different people, and whether it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus, or simply celebrating the season and family, may it be everything you are hoping for.

Our Christmas feels a bit detached this year, with Brian being gone … kind of like we are Christmas fakers today. I don’t say that in any way to try to get sympathy, we will have our Christmas when Brian gets home soon and that will be the best Christmas present I could ever ask for. I have thought long and hard about it, and Christmas was harder last year, with him leaving a few days after looming over us. This year we know he’ll be home soon, and then we will celebrate. My thoughts are with my military friends who have their spouses leaving soon … I know just how you all feel.

So, as a family, we’ve decided to wait on the presents until Brian gets home. Other than Santa … because we all know that he only makes his deliveries on one night only 🙂 Emma has been a real turd lately and bedtime has been really sucking. It is purely a power struggle, and she is not the boss … she WILL learn this. She was definitely on Mama’s naughty list last night and was warned that there will not be a present under the tree from Santa. At that point, after more power struggle (and more and more and more), I was forced to be a woman of my word.

Tyler and Sophie had presents under the tree and Emma had a letter. It said that he’s noticed her not being a big listener and not being a big girl at bedtime. She needed to promise that she would try harder, and that if she did, then Mama could give her her present. If she acted the same way at bedtime, then Mama was going to take her present away. She had some tears and promised she was going to be a bigger girl.

Sophie was really excited about her pink heels that she calls her “Flower Power Sparkles.”

And Emma got her Doodle Bear, which she named Lucy.

Tyler got up and opened his present and headed straight back to bed.

Now it’s time for me to go get ready. We are heading to the Air Force Enlisted Village to volunteer for part of the day.

Sending lots of Christmas love to our family and friends, near and far. We love you all!! ~ Jackie


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