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No skinny arms here! December 22, 2011

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Yay! Sophie got her cast off this morning.

Her wrist is pretty sore, from having no movement for about 6 weeks, but the bones are healed very well and she doesn’t feel any pain there. I knew she was healed pretty well, considering that she was doing cartwheels at cheer the day after she got her small cast, and last night she did an entire 50 minute sculpt work out with me … with weights. There is barely any difference in her arms, just a really peely hand. We will still take it pretty easy today so she can start to get that movement back in her wrist. She needs to wear a brace at night for about a week, and then she is good to go, no restrictions at all!!

We also have an orthodontist appointment for Tyler today, and then it’s back home for some serious nap time. Emma woke up twice during the night, the second time to let me know she had thrown up in her bed. I’m feeling a bit yucky today, but I think it’s mostly because I can’t get the smell of fish stick & ranch vomit out of my head. She was completely fine when she came in and let me know, and really enjoyed her 1:30 am shower. She’s been in a great mood all morning. I also got a wake up call from Sophie, letting me know she had a really bad dream. I am super excited about nap time today 🙂

Nothing else new here, I better get lunch going. Y’all have a wonderful day!! ~ Jackie

PS: The other day when I was on a great cleaning spree, Emma thought she needed to be cleaned too …


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