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What in the WORLD?! December 13, 2011

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Emma has been a REAL pain in the butt lately. She can be the sweetest thing ever … or she can make your head almost explode. I can only really blame it on the “terrible 4.75s”. Her teacher (who is amazing!) says not to worry about it and that all the kids are pretty crazy right around the holidays and then come January, they are all pretty much back to their sweet selves. I won’t lie, she is really very good, for the most part. She’s super loud, and has tons of energy, and that can be a little frustrating some times, but that’s not the bad part. She has really gotten stubborn lately, and one thing that may set her off will ruin the entire morning and her teacher will have to peel her off of me to leave her at school. Then she is fine within a matter of minutes.

Twice, she has had crazy ridiculous meltdowns. Well, now, make that THREE times. She had a meltdown during cheer pictures tonight that ended up with me bringing her out to the van (no pictures were taken of Emma) while Sophie finished up. This is how our 1/2 hour or so in the van went:

Emma: “I WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “Fine, let’s go” Open van door.

Emma: “I DON’T WANT TO TAKE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “Fine, we won’t take pictures.” Close van door.

Emma: “I WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And repeat about 30 times. It was super ugly. There were 2 shoes and 2 socks thrown. Both of her shirts ended up being taken off by her. She said a lot of super ugly things. She also did some things with the intent of being mean, such as coughing and then saying “That’s for YOU MOM!” She told me I was mean a lot of times. I am mean, I’m really, really mean.

So, we got home and Emma got to spend a bit of time in her room, while I heated up dinner. Finally, I went into her room and she was still crying, but was done being ugly. We had a nice little talk, and decided that we would pretend that she just woke up from a nap and we were going to start fresh. We had some snuggles, and then she came out for dinner. All was finally right again at the Luce house.

I’ll even show proof that she went to bed happy:

This would have been a more interesting post if I had taken a video of the time we spent together in the van, but I was not thinking of that at the time. I can laugh about it now … now that she’s my little sweetie, my little sleeping sweetie, again. There is nothing in particular that I blame her behavior on. I won’t blame it on Brian being deployed, simply because that’s not ok. We don’t get to act out because Daddy is deployed … we have way too many years of still doing this ahead of us. I’m not saying acting out because Daddy is deployed doesn’t happen … but it doesn’t happen in my house. And, needless to say, after our last year, they are used to our routine. I think she just got herself so wound up that she didn’t even know what was going on anymore. She needed some chill out by herself time, and then it was much better. We will all sleep well tonight 🙂

I hope you are all having a great week!! ~ Jackie


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