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Another week flies by December 11, 2011

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WOW! This past week has flown by so fast! I guess that happens when you have things going on every single day. I’m not complaining, the faster the weeks go by, the sooner Brian will be home. I cannot wait to hug him. I cannot wait to have him cook for me. I cannot wait to have a SLEEP IN DAY!! For years, we have taken turns on the weekend: He gets a sleep in day, I get a sleep in day. Sometimes he even gives me both … I like to sleep a lot more than he does 🙂 But, more than anything, I miss my best friend. He makes me laugh, and he even does that with a simple one line email from around the world. That was a few days ago … I hope we get to hear his voice today. He’s my biggest supporter. When I’m feeling like a loser because I have yet to find a job, he lets me know that it’s not important and that I contribute more to this family by being home than any paycheck would. He tells me that I don’t need the Brazil Butt Lift work out, but I know he won’t mind when he sees the fruits of my labor 😉 Haha!!

So, we had piano lessons on Monday, cheer on Tuesday, I had another $5 massage on Wednesday, Emma had her school Santa visit on Thursday, Friday Emma had a field trip to a one room school house, and Saturday was our squadron kids Christmas party. The kids and I went bowling last night too. We all had a really good time … even though I am NOT good at bowling.

I made a couple new recipes this week. Roasted Pecans are a very southern thing as there are Pecan trees a’plenty down here.

They turned out really good (or very, very, very good as Sophie said to write)! Click here for recipe

I altered the recipe a little, per one of the reviews. I used 2 egg whites, used vanilla instead of water, and instead of all white sugar, used 1/2 brown and 1/2 white. I’ve never really had them before, but they were pretty tasty!

I also wanted to bring something a little Christmas-y to the party, but figured there would be plenty of sweets (I brought the pecans, so I was included in the sweets-bringing). I thought these Chile and Cheese Spirals looked good Click here for recipe

My Christmas tree turned out to be a shorter, fatter tree, decorated with some Christmas bows, but I thought they were really tasty. First of all, anything with cream cheese is a winner in my book. Second, I LOVE black olives, so double win for me.  And, they were really easy.

Well … my day has been made, we got a phone call this morning and it set us up for a great day 🙂

Last, a couple pictures from bowling last night:

My pictures aren’t turning out that great, but this made me laugh because it captures that Emma’s arms are moving WAY faster than her bowling ball … we ended up using the slide. She had lots of fun!

Sophie did especially well for having one arm in a cast. She hasn’t quite got down releasing the ball with your hand forward, and we had a few balls coming towards the seating area. Regardless, she still beat me.

Also, 1 blurry picture of the girls with Santa:

I had to laugh because Emma has been talking about (what I was hearing as) Doodleberries. Thankfully I heard her talk to Santa and told him that she wants a DOODLEBEAR. Haha!! That makes more sense! Sophie, very seriously, asked if she could “please get some pink high heels”. Sophie was also SUPER excited that the book she got from Santa was named “Sophie the Awesome”.

Well, I better let you all back to your (hopefully) relaxing Sunday. I have to get a run in and do some serious housecleaning (who knows if that last part will actually happen today). I hope you all have a great week!! ~ Jackie



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