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Mom got a break off! December 3, 2011

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Today was a day that the kids and I were all looking forward to. The awesome people at the Child Development Center and the Youth Center offer a number of slots on a Saturday each month, in which they watch kids for families that have a parent deployed. It’s called Give Parent’s a Break, or Give Parent’s a Break-Off as Emma refers to it. I call it one on one time with Tyler.

He informed me a couple nights ago that he needed jeans and then showed me the last pair I bought him and calling him Urkel would be an understatement. The boy needs to stop growing (while I say this, I realize that boys don’t stop growing until they are 18-20 years old). So, it was off to the mall, where we ended up finding him a couple pairs of 30×34 jeans. His inseam is officially longer than mine. Then we grabbed the dogs and took them to the dog park. Then he went to hang out with a friend for a bit and I had to get to work on my treats for our Spouse Cookie Exchange tomorrow. I got that all going and had to go pick the girls back up.

They had a great time! I got Sophie first and she gave me some of her artwork and got to take home a balloon puppy, which is red and she named Ruby. She is definitely her father’s daughter and he would be SUPER proud:

Emma also had lots of fun. She was dressed up as a cheetah and had also done some artwork:


Oh my gosh. This poor girl has not actually seen snow on the ground since she was 7 months old. So she has never seen a snowman in person either. I need to get this girl home to ND for a Christmas so she can see some snow!! Hahaha!!!

I think Emma made her first picture so full so she could take it all home and use it for more artwork … or to pretend she has:

armpit hair! And I quote her, “Mom, wanna see my armpit hair?!” This is one of the joys of your own children. They have such a way of making us laugh 🙂

Another great day here at the Luce house. We also got to have a quick chat with Brian, which is always good.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, I know we will! ~ Jackie


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