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I guess I won’t use these this year … December 1, 2011

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Military moves are a mixed bag. We have been super fortunate to have really smooth moves and not had anything really important broken, although Tyler’s Wii was stolen on one of our moves. Fortunately we were able to prove that we actually had one by finding a picture that had the Wii in it, and were (after an appeal) fully reimbursed. I personally find them to be pretty stress free and actually quite boring because you have to remain in your home and just sit there while the packers come in and pack, and then the movers come in and move everything out. I have heard many a horror story of people’s belongings getting lost, broken, a friend had her wedding dress in with the things that were moved and discovered that it had been worn during the move. Weird and gross.

There are rules about items being moved. As in things that they will not move for you, like cleaning supplies, any food in your pantry that is already opened, liquor, and candles. Many movers also require that all of your stuff is packed in THEIR boxes, so if you have storage totes, either the tote gets placed into a box, or the items get taken out of the tote and put in a box and you get to put the stuff back in your totes at your new home. Sometimes you are lucky and they’ll just tape up your tote and you don’t have to re-put everything away on the other end.

Our Christmas totes were not unpacked by the movers and OOPS! I didn’t realize there were candles in there (and apparently our packers didn’t follow the no candles rule) and this is what happens to candles in an attic in Florida. Luckily they were all wrapped in layers of paper so the wax didn’t melt all over the other stuff in the tote. They’ve been up there for over 2 years. I don’t think I’m going to be able to use them this year. Haha!!

We had a good day today. I had a great massage this morning, the girls had a fun couple hours playing at the park this afternoon, and then the kids and I went to the high school for an event put on by the Leadership Club. They had tables and tables of items and each club member paired up with one of your kids and helped them fill up a large flat rate box with things to send to their parents who are deployed. They also took the kids to do crafts and projects to put in the box. I walked in with the kids and immediately got teary (surprise surprise!). What a wonderful thing for these high school kids to do! The girls had so much fun with the high school girls that were working with them and can not wait to send this package to Brian. All we pay for is the shipping. I am so touched that this was done.

I hope you all are having a great week. I can’t believe it’s Friday already tomorrow! This week has flown by.

Off to bed! ~ Jackie


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