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Battle of wills December 26, 2011

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Emma went to bed like such a big girl last night, after a really well behaved day. Progress! Maybe Santa’s letter got through?

Until morning. We skyped with Granny for a little bit, actually Emma chatted with her for quite a while … and then Miss Difficult took over. We ended up ending our call and Emma had some time in her room and Lucy (her Doodle Bear) was taken away until the evening, after she proved herself for the rest of the day.

She did great, she even wanted pictures taken:

What a couple sweet girls I have!!

Then it was bedtime again. And so the battle began again. Emma started being difficult and then started her “I have to tell you one more thing” routine. I give her the chance to tell me one more thing, and that’s it. Mind you, we’ve had a chance to talk a little bit before this all begins. I tell her, Emma, last thing and we are done. Then she says something like, “You talked mad at me.” And I’ll say something like, “Emma, say what you need to say.” And she’ll say something like, “I forgot.” And it goes on like that. I eventually give her a 3 count and walk away when she still doesn’t tell me her one more thing.

Tonight she yelled about her one more thing, for about an hour. At one point I said “What?!” She responded with, “You need to say with a cherry on top.” This girl is WORKING IT. She knows very well what she is doing. So, I let her yell, knowing that EVENTUALLY she would stop … right? She didn’t stop yelling, but finally at about the hour point, her yell changed. And it changed to, “I FEEL LIKE A BIG JERK!!” … over and over and over. I knew at that point that she finally was giving up. Finally. So, I went in and gave her some hugs and after she calmed down a little and couldn’t stop yawning, she was out in minutes.

Agh. It’s so quiet in here now, and I have a headache. But I’m positive that tomorrow will start out well.

Sleep well y’all!! ~ Jackie


Merry Christmas!! December 25, 2011

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I hope this post finds you all enjoying your families and relishing in the joy on your children’s faces! Christmas is many different things to many different people, and whether it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus, or simply celebrating the season and family, may it be everything you are hoping for.

Our Christmas feels a bit detached this year, with Brian being gone … kind of like we are Christmas fakers today. I don’t say that in any way to try to get sympathy, we will have our Christmas when Brian gets home soon and that will be the best Christmas present I could ever ask for. I have thought long and hard about it, and Christmas was harder last year, with him leaving a few days after looming over us. This year we know he’ll be home soon, and then we will celebrate. My thoughts are with my military friends who have their spouses leaving soon … I know just how you all feel.

So, as a family, we’ve decided to wait on the presents until Brian gets home. Other than Santa … because we all know that he only makes his deliveries on one night only 🙂 Emma has been a real turd lately and bedtime has been really sucking. It is purely a power struggle, and she is not the boss … she WILL learn this. She was definitely on Mama’s naughty list last night and was warned that there will not be a present under the tree from Santa. At that point, after more power struggle (and more and more and more), I was forced to be a woman of my word.

Tyler and Sophie had presents under the tree and Emma had a letter. It said that he’s noticed her not being a big listener and not being a big girl at bedtime. She needed to promise that she would try harder, and that if she did, then Mama could give her her present. If she acted the same way at bedtime, then Mama was going to take her present away. She had some tears and promised she was going to be a bigger girl.

Sophie was really excited about her pink heels that she calls her “Flower Power Sparkles.”

And Emma got her Doodle Bear, which she named Lucy.

Tyler got up and opened his present and headed straight back to bed.

Now it’s time for me to go get ready. We are heading to the Air Force Enlisted Village to volunteer for part of the day.

Sending lots of Christmas love to our family and friends, near and far. We love you all!! ~ Jackie


No skinny arms here! December 22, 2011

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Yay! Sophie got her cast off this morning.

Her wrist is pretty sore, from having no movement for about 6 weeks, but the bones are healed very well and she doesn’t feel any pain there. I knew she was healed pretty well, considering that she was doing cartwheels at cheer the day after she got her small cast, and last night she did an entire 50 minute sculpt work out with me … with weights. There is barely any difference in her arms, just a really peely hand. We will still take it pretty easy today so she can start to get that movement back in her wrist. She needs to wear a brace at night for about a week, and then she is good to go, no restrictions at all!!

We also have an orthodontist appointment for Tyler today, and then it’s back home for some serious nap time. Emma woke up twice during the night, the second time to let me know she had thrown up in her bed. I’m feeling a bit yucky today, but I think it’s mostly because I can’t get the smell of fish stick & ranch vomit out of my head. She was completely fine when she came in and let me know, and really enjoyed her 1:30 am shower. She’s been in a great mood all morning. I also got a wake up call from Sophie, letting me know she had a really bad dream. I am super excited about nap time today 🙂

Nothing else new here, I better get lunch going. Y’all have a wonderful day!! ~ Jackie

PS: The other day when I was on a great cleaning spree, Emma thought she needed to be cleaned too …


So very blessed December 20, 2011

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I can not believe that Christmas is less than a week away. I can’t believe that 2011 is almost over. This year has flown by crazy fast. Tyler comes out of his room each morning, happy that he’s on Christmas break, but then sad that another day is already over and it’s another day closer to heading back to school. Sophie asks what are we doing today. Emma says, “Mom, it’s 7:01, can I get up now?” I should have listed those in the exact opposite order for the proper timeline of my morning.

We are having a great week. Yesterday one of my best friends from AL came down with her son and visited for most of the day. It was like old times (or 3 years ago anyway) getting to sit and have coffee and talk while the kids play. It is the best feeling ever to spend time with a friend you haven’t seen in years and you still pick right up where you left off. I miss her being 5 houses away!!

Tonight we brought dinner over to a friend and her family and I got some baby holdin’ time in, which I ALWAYS love! Then I came home, got the girls to bed and got a surprise phone call from another friend I haven’t gotten to talk to all that often lately, as her life has been crazy busy. And, I had a voicemail from another friend, just letting me know that she was thinking of me.

I guess what I’m getting at here, is not how many friends I have, but the QUALITY of friends I have. I have awesome, super considerate friends. I am not excited to spend Christmas without my husband, but the love I feel from my friends, the extra lengths that they’ve gone to lately to make sure I know they are thinking of me and Brian and the kids … we really are so blessed. I love you all so much and couldn’t be more thankful for you!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! ~ Jackie


Our poor kids … December 15, 2011

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For some reason, today at naptime, I was thinking about how different it is for my kids, than it was for me at their ages. First of all, our lives will naturally be quite different, because growing up, I lived 18 miles away from the nearest “big” town (“big” as in population … ? 3000 I think), on a farm, with our nearest neighbor about a mile away. It was super peaceful, super safe, and we spent a lot of time outside by ourselves (me and my 2 sisters). We had 3 playhouses (I kid you not, every girl’s dream!!). They were actually old wooden graineries, and one was actually an outhouse (it wasn’t actually used as an outhouse … or it wasn’t supposed to have been anyway …). They were totally decked out. We had a couch (that was an old pickup seat) and a fridge (that was an old cabinet), if I remember correctly, we even had a desk and chair in there. One of them was a small building that had a bunk built in it and we called that the “cabin”. We had a really old pickup that we would use to “drive to town”. So, clearly, my kids could not have quite the setup that we had growing up, since we live in town on a really small lot (for now).

But really I was thinking more about other things, like the excitement of Saturday morning cartoons. We were always excited to get home from school and watch Scooby Doo (Joan) or Mr. Rogers (me) and have lunch (because we had breakfast, dinner, LUNCH -which was an after school snack-, and supper). Then came on grown up boring stuff and the news, so we had no choice but to go do other things that required some imagination. And then SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS … I remember at least a couple times, my sister and I getting up when there was still static on tv, so we could watch them from the very beginning. I’m not going to go into how much better our cartoons were back then, because it’s all relative … kids now think our cartoons were really weird, and we think theirs are too (but Yo Gabba Gabba! is pretty awesome!). Our kids will never know how exciting Saturday morning was, because they have all kinds of cartoon networks playing cartoons 24/7. There’s no static! If they don’t have their favorite on tv at the moment, they can watch it online, or on DVD.

They’ll never know the excitement of listening to the top 8 at 8, really hoping that your favorite song comes on so you can push record on your tape recorder, and how excited you are when you actually get it recorded (until you find out that your sister taped a fart into the middle of your song). But, it’s pretty awesome to be able to go to Itunes and download your song for a little over a dollar and have it instantly too.

If I think about it too much, it makes me a little sad that my kids don’t get to go through all of their school years with the same kids. But when I think about it a little more, I’m more excited for them that they have lived in 4 different states (with more to come) and have gotten to have a lot of really neat experiences.

I really don’t think “my poor kids” … they really have great imaginations even though they don’t have multiple playhouses (ask anyone who has spent any time at all with them, haha!). And they still love their Saturday’s even though they’ve never watched the static until the cartoons start. I guess it’s our version of “I had to walk uphill both ways to school and home again” that we used to hear from our parents or our parent’s parents. How quickly the times change. I wonder what they will be telling THEIR kids someday …

I hope you all are having a great week! ~ Jackie


What in the WORLD?! December 13, 2011

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Emma has been a REAL pain in the butt lately. She can be the sweetest thing ever … or she can make your head almost explode. I can only really blame it on the “terrible 4.75s”. Her teacher (who is amazing!) says not to worry about it and that all the kids are pretty crazy right around the holidays and then come January, they are all pretty much back to their sweet selves. I won’t lie, she is really very good, for the most part. She’s super loud, and has tons of energy, and that can be a little frustrating some times, but that’s not the bad part. She has really gotten stubborn lately, and one thing that may set her off will ruin the entire morning and her teacher will have to peel her off of me to leave her at school. Then she is fine within a matter of minutes.

Twice, she has had crazy ridiculous meltdowns. Well, now, make that THREE times. She had a meltdown during cheer pictures tonight that ended up with me bringing her out to the van (no pictures were taken of Emma) while Sophie finished up. This is how our 1/2 hour or so in the van went:

Emma: “I WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “Fine, let’s go” Open van door.

Emma: “I DON’T WANT TO TAKE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “Fine, we won’t take pictures.” Close van door.

Emma: “I WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And repeat about 30 times. It was super ugly. There were 2 shoes and 2 socks thrown. Both of her shirts ended up being taken off by her. She said a lot of super ugly things. She also did some things with the intent of being mean, such as coughing and then saying “That’s for YOU MOM!” She told me I was mean a lot of times. I am mean, I’m really, really mean.

So, we got home and Emma got to spend a bit of time in her room, while I heated up dinner. Finally, I went into her room and she was still crying, but was done being ugly. We had a nice little talk, and decided that we would pretend that she just woke up from a nap and we were going to start fresh. We had some snuggles, and then she came out for dinner. All was finally right again at the Luce house.

I’ll even show proof that she went to bed happy:

This would have been a more interesting post if I had taken a video of the time we spent together in the van, but I was not thinking of that at the time. I can laugh about it now … now that she’s my little sweetie, my little sleeping sweetie, again. There is nothing in particular that I blame her behavior on. I won’t blame it on Brian being deployed, simply because that’s not ok. We don’t get to act out because Daddy is deployed … we have way too many years of still doing this ahead of us. I’m not saying acting out because Daddy is deployed doesn’t happen … but it doesn’t happen in my house. And, needless to say, after our last year, they are used to our routine. I think she just got herself so wound up that she didn’t even know what was going on anymore. She needed some chill out by herself time, and then it was much better. We will all sleep well tonight 🙂

I hope you are all having a great week!! ~ Jackie


Another week flies by December 11, 2011

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WOW! This past week has flown by so fast! I guess that happens when you have things going on every single day. I’m not complaining, the faster the weeks go by, the sooner Brian will be home. I cannot wait to hug him. I cannot wait to have him cook for me. I cannot wait to have a SLEEP IN DAY!! For years, we have taken turns on the weekend: He gets a sleep in day, I get a sleep in day. Sometimes he even gives me both … I like to sleep a lot more than he does 🙂 But, more than anything, I miss my best friend. He makes me laugh, and he even does that with a simple one line email from around the world. That was a few days ago … I hope we get to hear his voice today. He’s my biggest supporter. When I’m feeling like a loser because I have yet to find a job, he lets me know that it’s not important and that I contribute more to this family by being home than any paycheck would. He tells me that I don’t need the Brazil Butt Lift work out, but I know he won’t mind when he sees the fruits of my labor 😉 Haha!!

So, we had piano lessons on Monday, cheer on Tuesday, I had another $5 massage on Wednesday, Emma had her school Santa visit on Thursday, Friday Emma had a field trip to a one room school house, and Saturday was our squadron kids Christmas party. The kids and I went bowling last night too. We all had a really good time … even though I am NOT good at bowling.

I made a couple new recipes this week. Roasted Pecans are a very southern thing as there are Pecan trees a’plenty down here.

They turned out really good (or very, very, very good as Sophie said to write)! Click here for recipe

I altered the recipe a little, per one of the reviews. I used 2 egg whites, used vanilla instead of water, and instead of all white sugar, used 1/2 brown and 1/2 white. I’ve never really had them before, but they were pretty tasty!

I also wanted to bring something a little Christmas-y to the party, but figured there would be plenty of sweets (I brought the pecans, so I was included in the sweets-bringing). I thought these Chile and Cheese Spirals looked good Click here for recipe

My Christmas tree turned out to be a shorter, fatter tree, decorated with some Christmas bows, but I thought they were really tasty. First of all, anything with cream cheese is a winner in my book. Second, I LOVE black olives, so double win for me.  And, they were really easy.

Well … my day has been made, we got a phone call this morning and it set us up for a great day 🙂

Last, a couple pictures from bowling last night:

My pictures aren’t turning out that great, but this made me laugh because it captures that Emma’s arms are moving WAY faster than her bowling ball … we ended up using the slide. She had lots of fun!

Sophie did especially well for having one arm in a cast. She hasn’t quite got down releasing the ball with your hand forward, and we had a few balls coming towards the seating area. Regardless, she still beat me.

Also, 1 blurry picture of the girls with Santa:

I had to laugh because Emma has been talking about (what I was hearing as) Doodleberries. Thankfully I heard her talk to Santa and told him that she wants a DOODLEBEAR. Haha!! That makes more sense! Sophie, very seriously, asked if she could “please get some pink high heels”. Sophie was also SUPER excited that the book she got from Santa was named “Sophie the Awesome”.

Well, I better let you all back to your (hopefully) relaxing Sunday. I have to get a run in and do some serious housecleaning (who knows if that last part will actually happen today). I hope you all have a great week!! ~ Jackie