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Oops on Mom November 14, 2011

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Sophie got her huge, bulky splint off today. She was pretty excited about getting her cast and picking out colors for it. Also, I’ve been telling her this whole time how her cast would be so much smaller and lighter. So that was something else to look forward to.

First the arm sock

Then the gauze.

Oh, and oops on Mom. I thought she just had one break in her arm, but actually BOTH her ulna and radius are broken. All the more reason to compliment Sophie on what a big girl she’s been. The PA and nurses were amazing with her. For anyone that feels so-so about the healthcare provided to us by the military (and I know some have their own very specific reasons), I can not brag enough about the care that the girls have had. Without getting all political, I strongly feel that this is something that NO ONE should be without.

Enough of my (small) soapbox …

It was really just supposed to be one color, but Sophie wanted ALL of them. We had to compromise. There are 3 or 4 more colors that she can get on her next cast in 3 weeks.

Luckily, she can still play piano, since they are only working with the right hand for now. She has very much enjoyed the attention, and is a bit offended when someone DOESN’T ask what happened. Ha!

I hope you all have a great week! ~ Jackie


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