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Happy Saturday! November 12, 2011

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It’s been a good day. This morning I had a spouse social (us wives in the squadron get together at someone’s home or at a restaurant, or wherever to socialize and have some grown up girl time, about once a month or so) at my house. The girls were supposed to be spending part of the day on base, but as it turns out the date was changed and no one let us know 😦 They were pretty disappointed, but ended up having fun with their friends that came over.

I made the pumpkin scones I raved about last week, and they turned out well again. I used all all purpose flour this time and I think they were a little more moist. I also make Pumpkin Cheesecake:

I’m not about to take credit for the crust … for some reason I have no luck with it and think the store bought ones taste just as good. The pie recipe is from Paula Deen (but no butter in it since I didn’t make the crust from her recipe, haha!) For Pumpkin Pie recipe, CLICK HERE

I think it was pretty good!

I also made Mediterranean Tomato Bites, which were recommended by a friend.

I really liked these and they are super easy. For recipe, CLICK HERE

It was a really nice morning and it was great to get to catch up with all the ladies that were here. Also, having people over kicks my butt into gear and I get the house all cleaned up … it’s win win!

Sophie has only taken 1 little Tylenol today and has not been complaining about her arm hurting at all. There was a bit of a freak out at bedtime last night because of her arm itching, which I’m sure REALLY sucks, but once she went to sleep, she slept very well.

Thursday I got to go to the Junie B. Jones play with Sophie.

We’ve read all of the first grade books (except 1) so she remembered all 3 of the books that were acted out. She had a great time, but was upset that it was so short. So far, I’m pretty sure she’s loving all of the attention that her splint is getting her. She gets her cast on Monday morning.

We got to have a good Skype chat with Brian after naps today, Sophie played a little piano for him, Emma just wanted show him her Piggy. Tyler was off hanging out with one of his friends. It was so good to see his smile 🙂

I hope everyone’s weekend is going well!! ~ Jackie


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