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ER visit … CHECK! November 9, 2011

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Last night the kids kept busy competing with each other on who was better at Pilates

Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was in the dining room, trying to be discrete about taking a picture of them not fighting. Sophie and Emma regularly like to throw in a yoga DVD or Hip Hop Abs (thank goodness someone is getting a little extra use out of them!), but it’s not very often Tyler joins in the fun. I love the occasion when they all are doing something together.

So, I’m a very lucky mom in that I (knock on wood) almost never have to take my kids to the doctor. We’ve been in Florida over 2 years now and they have not been to the doctor for anything other than a well check or Emma going to her cardiologist. Unless Brian is deployed. One of the last ones, I had to take Emma in for having 4 bloody noses in less than 12 hours. It was nothing, probably just from the weather suddenly being much dryer, but it can be a sign of high blood pressure, which is something we have to watch with her.

But this ER visit was actually a necessary one.

It doesn’t really look like much, but that, is a broken arm right there. As you can see, Sophie was a super trooper, plenty of smiles still. She had been running around with her friend at the bus stop and tripped. Initially, she was freaking out more about her skinned knees, but as she calmed down kept saying that her arm hurt, and couldn’t really lift her hand up. I had a gut feeling that she broke it. Luckily my sweet friend was able to pick Emma up a little early and take her to school for me and I could get Sophie to the ER. We were in and out in less than 2 hours.

My big girl finished up in a great mood and was ready to get back to school ASAP. I got a call about an hour later to tell me that she was hurting quite a bit, so I went back and got her. She’s rested off and on today, but no napping. She’s been in a pretty good mood. We’ll see how tonight goes … bedtime has not been very good so far. It did not take long for her to realize that her thumb was unreachable. This is a huge dilemma. The other one is not a very good option apparently. Hopefully ortho will call right away tomorrow and they can get her in very soon to get her cast on and this huge splint off.

Other than that we had a good day. We even went and had some Bippy’s this afternoon and that made Sophie (and everyone else too) pretty happy. Having a broken arm was NOT Sophie’s favorite part of the day … “I don’t like having broken things.” She’s also a bit unsure about running anymore.

I hope you all had a great day, with no broken parts! ~ Jackie


One Response to “ER visit … CHECK!”

  1. Awwww! hope she heals quickly!! You and she are both troopers

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