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W2D1 November 7, 2011

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And that, my friends, means Week 2 Day 1 of my C25K program. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I am doing pretty darn well here! The weather has been beautiful so it has not been hard to get out and do my run at all. Tyler has his last meet on Saturday, and Emma had a field trip on Friday, so I ended up doing W1D3 and W2D1 on back to back days, but it went well. I’m actually enjoying my morning run. I might need to bust out some cds from my closet clean up and make some new playlists very soon though. Good music is key. Maybe someday I’ll be able to just run and enjoy nature, but right now I need the motivation and pep.

Yesterday was a great day. While I forgot to change the girls clocks, they were so nice and played quiet and let me sleep in (there was a couple big brother interventions to stop them from coming into my room and tattling I guess). We took the dogs to the fairgrounds so they could run around and fetch tennis balls. I should say Irene actually fetches, but Fergie likes to go get it and then keep it, so we have to have 2 balls.

Then, we got to take a little afternoon trip to Seaside, which is this quaint little beach community 1/2 way between here and Panama City. We went and met some friends that were in town visiting from DC. Us grown ups got to sit and talk while the kids played in this grassy area that has a stage at the bottom. The girls have not run that much in a long time and Sophie was complaining that her legs hurt this morning. It was so gorgeous outside and it was so great to see our friends.

My last exciting news of the day is that I got rear ended on my way to pick Emma up from school. I am totally fine, the van isn’t even dented, just scratched. My only thought was … “YES!! IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!!” Is that weird? The people that hit me were fine too, the guys mother was a little shook up, it just scared her. I guess I’ll get the bumper repainted, maybe I’ll get to drive a sweet car while it’s being fixed.

Have a good day!! ~ Jackie



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