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W1D2 November 2, 2011

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That means Week 1 Day 2 and I did it this morning!! Woo hoo! Day 2 of my C25K program, and I wasn’t dreading it, and it was honestly a bit better that Day 1. My legs were definitely more sore today, but it was still my lungs/breathing that was my Achilles’s heel. I’ve been told it WILL get better, so I’m going to bank on that. I AM going to get back in shape before my husband gets back home, and hopefully will be able to run with him too, but I know I would slow him down. Maybe he would just do it because he loves me 😉

The girls really had fun at their 2nd day of music lessons. Emma was saying that she didn’t want to play drums anymore and didn’t want to go to lessons, but I convinced her that we would try a few more times and if she wanted to do something else she could. By time we got there, she was ready to go.

When they came back out, she was super excited and Mr. Mike expressed again how impressed and surprised he is at her sense of time. He played a copy cat game with her and had her try all different kinds of fun drumsticks and brushes to make different sounds. She is crazy about him now. “Mr. Mike is SO nice!” She is really happy. Sophie also had fun and really likes her teacher Miss Marilyn too. She’s a little more low key in her enthusiasm.

Then it was time to pick Tyler up from XC practice and go Trick or Treating. I thought Tyler would have wanted to just sit home and relax after practice, but he wanted to walk with us. Emma again was SUPER excited and shouted repeatedly, “This is the BESTEST day ever! This is the best Halloween ever!” She couldn’t stop running and skipping … until her bucket got too full and then her big brother had to help her out. Sophie had a great time too, and got to walk with her friend Zoe who lives just up the street. Tyler was not impressed that kids much older than elementary school were trick or treating. I guess now I’ll see how good my willpower is and how well I can stay away from the girls candy stashes.

It’s been a good week, and already Wednesday! Time is just flying by here. We’ve gotten to have a couple short conversations with Brian lately and that is always great. Hopefully time will keep flying like it has and then it will be 2012 and my man can come home for awhile. Alright, I better get some more done here before I go get Emma from preschool.

Happy Hump Day!! ~ Jackie


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