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Another weekend October 29, 2011

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I’m probably the only person around that doesn’t LOVE the weekend, and here is another one upon us. Actually, they haven’t been too bad, and have gone by quickly. Today we had Tyler’s County XC meet, and luckily it was close to home, so I was able to go drop him off and the girls and I came back home until closer to his time to run. It was a chilly fall morning, and unfortunately very windy. FWB did awesome at the meet, sweeping first for all 4 divisions, but due to the course being tougher and the wind, I don’t know if anyone got their Personal Record this week. Tyler ran a 19:20, so only 23 seconds from his, so he still did fantastic and even ended up coming in ahead of 2 of his teammates that he’s usually just behind. He only has 1 week left of XC for this year with Districts being next weekend, he is VERY determined to PR again next week. The girls kept busy, as always while he was running:

They might have picked all of the “flowers”, but they stayed very happily entertained.

FWBHS District Champs 2011!!

We also had birthday parties for the girls to go to last night and this afternoon, so the girls have had a couple very busy days full of playing and running around. They should sleep very well tonight!

Time for Mama to crash too 🙂 ~ Jackie


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