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Emma’s wisdom and an end October 25, 2011

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As I sit here, with my afternoon cup of (decaf) coffee (I know, it really doesn’t give me an actual boost to get me through, but mentally, it’s nice), Emma told me, “Mom. Remember that cockroach that I had you get? That’s why we don’t eat in the living room. That’s why we eat in YOUR room.” Interesting rationale. She’s quite a thinker, that one!

Also, it is a sentimental day for me. Our tenants are moving into our AL house today. We have a purchase agreement, so hopefully before too long, they will be the owners and we won’t. But, we love that house.

It was where we celebrated Sophie’s first Christmas and all of our first Christmas’s from home.

And our second Christmas away.

We brought Emma home to this house.

We celebrated Emma’s first Christmas there too.

While I am SUPER ready for the bills to go away, I will be sad to never walk through there again. We had so many great memories, grew our family … I will always hold those memories close to my heart (and on cds full of pictures). I hope the new family loves the house as much as we have.

Happy Tuesday y’all! ~ Jackie


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