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First lessons and Daddy reads a book October 24, 2011

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Yay! Today the girls had their first music lessons! It was a bit of a race, as Tyler had practice start at 1, the girls needed naps, and I had to have them to lessons at 4, pick Tyler back up between 4 & 4:15. So, I dropped two very excited girls off with their instructors and headed back to the high school to get Tyler. Then I headed back to pick up the girls from lessons WITHOUT Tyler, because they weren’t back yet. Emma was just finished when I got there and Mr. Mike, her instructor, said she needed to go to the bathroom pretty badly. After that situation was under control, he told me that she did really good and that she has a surprisingly good sense of time (woo hoo!!).

Then Sophie finished up, also with a great review, and REALLY liked it. It was a very good first week.

I then rushed back to the high school to get Tyler, assuming that he’d now been waiting for a good 20 minutes. He wasn’t even there yet. They were over a 1/2 hour late and I got all stressed for nothing. We had already decided we were going to get some Bippy’s Frozen Yogurt after lessons and practice, so we headed back AGAIN. Tyler made a mad dash to the 5 Guys bathroom and threw up … he hasn’t been feeling that well. I might have to break down and take him to the doctor.

Now we are back home, and the girls got to watch the first book that their Daddy has sent them on this deployment.

He read them Amelia Bedilia. As always, Emma tried to talk to him, “Daddy! Hi Daddy! Daddy!?” Sophie read along with him. I just get teary.

I hope you all are having a great Monday! ~ Jackie

PS: While most people don’t wear shoes in the house, Emma considers our house her no pants zone.


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