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Today sucks October 22, 2011

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Today is one of those parenting days that just plain SUCKS.

I check Tyler’s grades very regularly. He has even written in a paper about his family, that one quote that sticks in his head that his parent’s say is “don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to dig yourself out of a hole”. So, I try to be very proactive about his grades. We have to much information right at our fingertips, on a daily basis, to not be. Tyler does well in school, and in just finishing up his first 9 weeks as a high school freshman while running cross country, and making the huge schedule change to an average of 12 hours days (from wake up to get home from school and practice) … he’s doing VERY well. But I don’t tolerate slacking. We have had the same conversation MANY times about studying for tests. You just do it. You don’t drop the ball on the biggest percentage of your grade. After the last conversation, he was warned that his Xbox would be taken away for the rest of the semester if he did it again.

Now he’s very angry at me. Because I had to follow through on my word or it means nothing. And I hate it. He probably hates me right now, and that’s ok, because it was ultimately his choice to do the right thing in the first place. And I know, that after he gets done being mad at me, he will realize he really is more mad at him. I hate this part of parenting, especially when I’m doing it by myself while my better half is 1/2 way around the world fighting much bigger battles than the latest Biology test. I miss him like crazy.

Hope you are all having a MUCH better Saturday than me đŸ™‚ ~ Jackie


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