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A moment to brag October 20, 2011

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I had Emma’s first VPK parent teacher conference yesterday, and I must take a small moment to brag. We are a month in, and Emma is ready for kindergarten! She knows every skill that they are expected to know to start. Her teacher had big compliments to me and Brian on “whatever you guys are doing at home”. I don’t honestly think that I do enough hands on stuff with the kids, other than reading to them every night. And we have read to them every night for as long as I can remember. Other than that, it’s really on them. The girls color and write and play all the time. I think part of it is that Emma is the youngest and sees what her big sister and brother are doing and copies, but she’s a quick one too. Also, Brian thinks his incredible smarts have a lot to do with it. Maybe …

I do think it’s pretty darn great that Emma is completely interested in The Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones, considering they have very few pictures and it’s just sitting and listening, but she eats these books up, right along with her big sister.

Ok, enough of my bragging (but I’m just so proud of her!!).

Last, I had dinner last night with a few of my girlfriends. We have dinner together about once a month at various places in the area. Typically we shut down the place, as in we are the last people to leave and usually we think the owner/manager is annoyed with us. Last night we went to Gus’s and their staff was fantastic with us. Super appreciative and not at all hurrying us out (we actually did leave before actual closing time this time, but were the only customers left) … we’ll have to go there again. It was a great couple hours away, and may be a bit more than a month before we go again as Renee has her hubby home in 2 sleeps, and Shannon’s 2nd baby is due in less than a month. A big thank you to Tyler, who as part of his payment for having a cell phone is that he has to watch his sisters for us 2 times a month for a date night or if Brian is gone then it’s for my girls dinner. And, I am a total wimp and had to send back my “medium” Phad Thai because my lips were burning off … she said it was just a “little” spicy. Whew, the Thai Hot seriously would’ve given me 3rd degree burns!

Thank you to my girlfriends, our dinners are always just what I need. It is a great group that never complains about their husbands and are just supportive of each other and we have lots of laughs at all kinds of inappropriateness. I love you ladies!!

I hope you all have a great day … it’s almost the weekend again! Where did this week go?! ~ Jackie


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