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Success. October 18, 2011

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Yesterday was my day to take on the dreaded hall closet.

Oh man. I did not even know what was in the 2 brown boxes … we’ve been here for 2 years & 2 months. Obviously this closet is a bit of a catch all, but it’s pretty much where all this stuff needs to be. Towels and stuff for the kids bathroom, extra sheets & air mattresses for sleepovers and guests, and it’s the game closet. I got to work.

Now it was time for a little chat with the girls who were SUPER impressed with my work. The puzzles and games were only to be taken out ONE at a time and nothing more would be taken out until the last item is put away. I still had to put the super annoying games up top, because I am not going to punish myself daily with Hungry Hippo or the Fishing Game.

The boxes: 1 was 1/2 full of DVDS I didn’t even remember we had. They are now put away neatly in the TV cabinet. The other: CDs. I could not bring myself to get rid of them. I know I haven’t listened to any of them in well over 2 years, but OH THE NOSTALGIA!! I could NEVER disrespect Van Morrison by throwing away one of his CDs, or the Indigo Girls, or Jethro Tull, or SRV, or Jim Croce … obviously the list goes on. I know I could download them onto my laptop, but considering it’s coming up on  2 1/2 years old, it’s probably nearing the end of it’s useful life in the next year or so. What do I do with all these cds that I really never listen to anymore? If anyone has any really good ideas, please tell me!!

Sophie totally got into my cleaning spirit and she dusted and cleaned the sliding glass doors. She was quite proud of herself and was very happy for me to “give her work”. We’ll see how long we can ride this train. When I am actually motivated to clean and organize, it must be done then, because it’s typically pretty short lived. But I really am doing pretty good here!! Brian would be proud of me 🙂

I’m off to drop Emma at school and get my oil changed, and then see what I can knock out today. I have an office desk that is in need of some serious personal time.

Have a great day everyone!! ~ Jackie


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