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Fall in the air October 14, 2011

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Oh my gosh … this morning when I got up and let the dogs out to do their business, I SAW MY BREATH IN THE AIR!! And I was actually COLD when I got up during the night, the window was open. It is already 70 and warm, but fall is really in the air, and I couldn’t be more happy about that!! Every once in a while as you are driving, you’ll see a tree that is just vibrant with change in color, and I just have to take a moment to enjoy that … like I said before, the palm trees don’t change, so I’m going to relish in the few trees here that do 🙂

So, it’s Friday, and the weekend is looming. Luckily I have a pretty busy weekend lined up. Tyler has a cross country meet and we have a little family fun planned for after it, then I think he’s spending the night at a friends house. Sunday we get to take a little road trip up to Crestview and Tyler gets to mow lawn one last time for our friend who’s husband will be home from a 6 month deployment VERY soon!!

For some reason both girls had bad dreams last night. Sophie woke me up during the night and said she had a bad dream and just wanted to be tucked back in. Emma told me this morning that she had a dream that Captain Hook cut off her hand, but she never woke me up last night. I’m not sure what prompted all of the icky dreams of last night. I hope tonight holds sweeter dreams for them both.

Alright, better get in my yoga before it’s time to go get Emma from school. I hope you all have a great Friday!!

~ Jackie


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