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Better than Twix, a minor heart attack, & Kardashian tears October 11, 2011

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Yesterday was a BIG day. First of all, I’m not a good cook OR a good baker, but I saw this recipe via Pinterest (um … can you say crazy addicting?!) and decided I must try it.

These are Better Than Twix Bars from That skinny chick can bake

They are SO AWESOME!! I love Twix bars and these are even better, and obviously fool proof since I didn’t goof them up. I used Kraft Carmel Bits (the whole 11 oz bag instead of the 10 oz the recipe calls for) instead of the square carmels because that’s what the commissary had, and I used milk chocolate chips for the top and didn’t add any oil to thin them out. They turned out perfect. The kids all love them, Tyler says they ARE better than Twix, and I think that they’ll probably cancel out the green smoothies that I’ve been drinking every day.

Onto the next topic. As many of you know, because you’ve heard me grumble about it for so long now, we have had our old house in Alabama for sale for a year. We had renters in it for 2 years, and it has been empty since last December. Needless to say, the past year of double house payments and utilities and pool care on a house we aren’t living in has been very trying. Luckily, we now have a lease to own contract on the house and they are moving in in about 15 days. So, while there is light at the end of the tunnel, we have the expenses of getting the house ready to potentially sell, like a home warranty and we found out there had been possible hail damage to the roof. Finally yesterday I got ahold of the insurance adjuster to find out what he determined about the roof. I thought our deductible was $500 and he told me that it wasn’t, that it was 1% of the total home and property value and that it was actually $4100 and our roof was going to have to be completely replaced. I had a minor heart attack. He also said that there had been a little water damage to one of the rooms inside so there would have to be some drywall repair and a little painting and that was all included under our one deductible.

Now, we have been to the house many times to clean up the yard and do a few things, so I was pretty shocked that the roof was going to have to be completely replaced, because we’ve never even noticed any damage. I asked him if he could tell me what room it was that had water damage, and as he was describing it, I told him, “I’m pretty sure that we are not talking about the same house.” As it turns out, he was telling me about the wrong house and he had not even gone by our house yet. We laughed about it and he apologized over and over and I can really laugh about it now, but I was REALLY stressing for a few minutes. And, our deductible really is $500.

I was so glad to not have to email that information to Brian!!

Sunday and Monday nights are my garbage tv nights. I get the girls to bed, Tyler is usually doing homework or playing with his Ipod touch, and I lay in bed and veg out to some Real Housewives. I’m a total sucker. It’s my poison while Brian is gone. Actually, Sunday night is Sister Wives and then RH of New Jersey (reunion episode starts next week!!) and Monday is RH of Beverly Hills. Well, RH was done at 9 last night and I wasn’t quite ready for bed but I wasn’t about to get busy DOING something either, so I ended up watching the Kim Kardashian wedding episode. Again, I’m such a sucker. I can’t tell you how many times I cried during the hour of this complete ridiculousness that I watched. This was the most over the top wedding, and Kris Humphries had the grossest mustache for most of the hour that I watched, thank goodness he shaved it off for their wedding (which apparently he planned on doing all along … oh the suspense!!). This family has built such an empire on their name and their faces (which are very beautiful mind you … seriously, all 5 of those Kardashian/Jenner daughters are BEAUTIFUL), it is amazing. Do they deserve this fame? Maybe not, but who am I to judge, it passed an hour of time for me last night, so really I’m the sucker that fell into the Kardashian trap, right? And I really want their hair.

Well, I better actually do something productive today. I am terrible about putting laundry away, so I had read online on some random blog that I now can’t remember, that you should do ONE load of laundry each day. That means wash, dry, and put everything away. Just one, and you won’t ever be overwhelmed with laundry, or spend a whole day on it. I am going to get busy on that load of laundry now.

Have a great Tuesday all!! ~ Jackie


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