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Split Pea Smoothie? October 6, 2011

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Ok, not REALLY a Split Pea Smoothie … YUCK! Today I am officially starting to eat cleaner and work out. Yep, I said it, now I have to live up to it. So, part of me eating cleaner is a daily “green” smoothie. Green doesn’t necessarily mean the color green (although my smoothie today is green-ish), it means that it is all fresh or frozen veggies and fruit. Today’s large glass of healthy deliciousness is 1 banana, about 10 baby carrots, about a 1/3 of a bag of baby spinach, a splash of OJ, and about 10 frozen strawberries. YUM!

I will admit that I don’t eat the healthiest. I am not a big fan of salad, unless someone else is making it for me, more specifically when I am dining out somewhere … and quite honestly those salads probably aren’t the healthiest after everything that is put into them. BUT, throw it into a smoothie, and BAM – DONE 🙂

Also as a woman in the upper end of her 30s, I don’t get nearly enough calcium and if I can get the majority of it in my diet, that is better. If you decide to try one of these delish smoothie concoctions, take note of the serving size of your veggies to pack the most punch. Also, kale is great to put into your smoothie and is one of those veggie powerhouse’s. It will not blend up as smooth as spinach tho, which personally, I don’t mind. I really try to put more veggies than fruit too, as even though fruit is wonderful for you, it still has a lot of natural sugar, which I am really trying to cut back on (the carrots have quite a bit too, but they still have lots of other good stuff … so a balance of sorts I think).

My sister got me hooked on these things a few years ago, and I tend to go in phases and haven’t been drinking them like I should. So, here I go. Also, I’ve been having stomach issues and am not exactly pinpointing what is causing my problems, I am hoping that really cleaning up my diet will help. It surely can’t hurt, right?

Next up (during the girls nap time) … work out.

Have a great day y’all!! ~ Jackie


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