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Bookmobile October 5, 2011

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Doesn’t this just look like heaven?!

While this picture is a couple decades ahead of me, it brings back some of my favorite childhood memories. My sisters and I grew up on a farm, 5 miles outside a VERY small town, and 18 miles away from the bigger (and when I say “bigger” I’m talking about BIG town of about 3000 people) town. Needless to say, other than coming into town for church on Sunday, we didn’t come into town a whole lot during summer vacation, as our parent’s were very busy farming. So, one of the biweekly summer highlights for me and my sisters was … THE BOOKMOBILE!!

My sisters and I LOVE (and LOVE is even an understatement) to read. The bookmobile lady knew us and knew our love of reading. Typically, you got to check out 2 books each per 2 week period. But my bookworms sisters and I got to check out SIX books each!! We would read our books, eachother’s books, and still end up with a week to spare, anxiously awaiting the next time the bookmobile came to town.

Because of my love of reading, it’s always been easy to consistently read to my kids. Tyler has always been a good reader and while he doesn’t read like he used to, being as busy as he is, when he does get into a good book, it’s done with in  a few days.

It is SO exciting to see Sophie learning to read and the confidence in her as she is now reading books to herself. And it is great to see how quickly Emma has learned all of her letters and is constantly wanting to write things, and wanting to read by herself. I am so happy that my children love reading, and hopefully one of these summers while we are home visiting they can experience the bookmobile, one of my favorite childhood memories.

I hope you all have a great day! ~ Jackie



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