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Sweet, sweet, deliciousness! October 3, 2011

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Today I am just going to be thankful for a cool morning, and even more importantly, that it is officially POMEGRANATE season again!! I LOVE pomegranates. I don’t even mind that they turn my thumbnail yellow and if I”m not paying attention, I may leave the house looking a little blood splattered. They are my absolute favorite fruit, and we have them at our commissary for $1.25 each. I will be loading up on them now through February, and the kids love them too. They are a big sign to me that fall is here. We don’t get a lot of change in the trees down here, but the humidity is really dropping and the mornings (I’m sure the nights too) have been great. I even threw on a sweater to walk down to the bus stop this morning! YAY!!
Hopefully this evening we will get to Skype with Brian, but I won’t hold my breath … my fingers and toes are crossed though 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful fall day! ~ Jackie


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