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Some baby love September 29, 2011

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This morning I took a small road trip and went to spend some time with my sweet friend Amanda and her handsome lil guy Brody. Emma had a “field trip” to the Science Center and really wanted to go with her friend. So big, spreading her wings … don’t let the door hit ya Mom!! It was great to have a little girl time. While my 3 1/2 hours that I have to myself each morning go VERY quickly, and I am very grateful for them, it quickly becomes groundhogs day when Brian is gone (hence REALLY wanting to find a job). It really makes me wonder what I would do with my time next year when all the kids are in school all day … I’d go crazy(er).

I’ve been thinking more about some of the Top 10 Lists of What NOT to say to a Military Wife. As I said, yesterday, I find the lists to be quite bitchy and I *think* they are intended, for the most part, to be humorous, but I don’t really find them to be all that funny. And, reading the comments after the list can get to be quite heated, but I see one comment (in the comment section) more than any others: “Ok, then what SHOULD we say to a military spouse?”

I’m not quite sure on that one either. People comment that they just like to hear people’s thanks. As in “Tell your husband (or wife) thank you for serving our country.” I think that is nice. Some people like to hear that their spouse and family is in their prayers (personally, I think that is nice, but I’m not a pray-er … that’s a whole separate topic).

One thing that I haven’t seen on the lists is “Let me know if you need anything!”. This doesn’t apply to just us military spouses. This applies to life in general. This applies to just having a baby, just having had surgery, just having some big event good or bad, happen in your life. How many times have we all said that and how many time has the person we’ve told that to called us and let us know that they need something? Probably never. Because we generally don’t call and ask for things. If you are friends with a military spouse who’s husband is deployed, or a friend just had a baby … anything along these lines, don’t wait for a phone call, for gosh sakes DO SOMETHING!! Just call them and let them know you have made dinner and are wondering what time is best for you to drop it off. Call and ask if you can take their children for a play date for a few hours. Bring over a cup of coffee or tea and have a little girl time.

If you live far away, set up a phone date for after all the kids are in bed, for the two of you to catch up without interruptions. We do a lot of talking to people under 4 feet tall, talking to a grown up is GREAT 🙂 Or send a card, letting them know you are thinking of them.

Well, I need to get Emma’s lunch finished up. I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Till tomorrow ~ Jackie



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