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I can almost smell the jet fuel … June 10, 2011

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Exactly 2 days from now we will be 1 flight of 3, closer to North Dakota!! I am SUPER excited, since we haven’t been home for 2 years. My parents are in the process of a huge remodel on their home (the home we grew up in) and I haven’t seen a single picture of it. Unfortunately, the forecast is 8 straight days of thunderstorms and rain. Not only do they not need any more moisture up there, but my children need to be able to get outside and burn off some energy … or they will drive ALL of us crazy!!

I know, every year when we take a summer trip to see my family or Brian’s family, better than mentioning the upcoming trip too soon. Oops. I get REALLY excited to go see family and friends! So, now for about a month, I’ve had Sophie breaking down the days, “Mom! Is it 5 days to North Dakota?!” and Emma, “Is it time to go to North DakotER yet?!” Sophie has vague memories of ND since she was 4 when we last visited, but Emma was only 2, so this will be a neat experience for her. Hopefully the forecast of rain every day changes, for more reasons than my selfish ones (like giving the farmer’s crops that were able to be planted a chance to grow and not be washed out, and for all of the families dealing with flooding … ugh!), so the kids can get in lots of outdoor time on the farm. Tyler is just all around excited to see his Grandma and Grandpa and cousins and friends. And he loves to fly, he is pretty darn independent, therefore would be super happy to be taking a separate flight from his sisters (and me). BUT, not this time. The kids and I will be flying (all together), and since we will get to ND in a quick 8 hours instead of the 31 hours of driving that we had originally planned, we will hopefully all be in good moods and just be super excited to see everyone. It will be the girls first flight since Emma was 1 and Sophie was 3, so they will be very entertained.

Well, I better get back to packing. Tomorrow is race day, the Blackbird Memorial 8k is at 8am. Brian has worked so hard organizing this event and hopefully the turnout will blow our expectations out of the water, so a big donation can be made to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Ok … enough blogging … time to get movin’!!