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Woo Hoo!! October!! October 2, 2010

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October is here and that means FINALLY cooler weather (we are finally down to the 80s!), less humidity, and Brian comes home!! I don’t know when yet, so I’ll just be happy whenever he gets here … but it should be this month.

Tyler has been busy running cross country. Our friends David and Molly were here this week, overnight, and were able to come see Tyler run. He ran his personal best of 2 miles in 13:24. He’s really hoping to qualify for state, the qualifying meet is on the 23rd in Marianna, FL and you have to run under 13:30 on THEIR course to qualify. I really think he’ll do it. He has improved and pushed himself so much this season. He really enjoys it and should be so proud of himself.

Sophie is just loving Kindergarten. She comes home every day so excited to tell me all about her day and what she’s learned. She is sleeping very well at night too, having gymnastics one night and soccer two nights a week. She had her first game today (the Sharks won!!) and thought it was awesome.

Emma is also enjoying being back at preschool. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Mackin, and I love hearing the new songs she comes home singing (usually at naptime). She is doing great in gymnastics and really likes watching (playing at) Sophie’s soccer practice and loves to cheer for her brother at his meets (Go TYLER! Go BRUNER!!). Next month we’ll be going to her pediatric cardiologist for her twice a year checkup, and I’m sure everything will look great.

I have been staying busy, although I’m not sure with what exactly. The days have flown by while Brian has been gone (especially the 3 hours I have with no kids in the morning … why is that?!). I finished one of my classes and now I can just focus on finishing the other. I have a few really amazing friends that have been awesome about checking on me and knowing when I need a bit of girl time. Tyler is also great about watching his sisters when Mom needs a little break. I’m so lucky to have such a great son, and it’s not really that often that I feel I need a break. I think we kinda have this Air Force life down. It helps to remember what a blessing each day is and how well we are taken care of. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I hope all of you are well!! Sending lots of love … Jackie and the fam


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