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Back to the grind! September 5, 2010

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Summer is nearing it’s end and we are REALLY happy to kiss the heat and humidity goodbye!! Fall in the south is the most perfect time of year. Tyler and Sophie are back in the swing of school. Tyler is busy after school each day with cross country practice (and his first meet coming on Wednesday). Sophie is always excited when she comes home to tell us the events of her day. Emma starts back to her regular preschool schedule on Tuesday. That means it’s time for me to buckle down and finish up my classes that had been put on hold after Brian’s accident. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that … other than them being done.

Brian left about a week and a half ago to return to his deployment. He’ll be gone about 2 months. Of course it was especially hard to see him go this time, but going back is also a big part of his healing process. I’ve gotten to talk to him a few times and he is staying pretty busy. I have great friends here that have also made a point of checking on me and keeping me busy too (as if the kids don’t do that anyway!).

Well … I best get off the blog and get to my paper I have to write. Sophie had a sleepover last night (Emma was going to be there too, but she was crying that she missed me as I was still standing in the doorway) so I am one kid down this morning. I better take advantage so we can go to the beach or something later!!

I hope you are all well, and have a relaxing Labor Day weekend! Jackie