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Sophie has a big week! August 8, 2010

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Well, it’s officially back to school here in sunny Florida. Tyler was ready to see his friends that he hadn’t seen during our short summer vacation and Sophie was WAY excited to get started with Kindergarten. She rode the bus to (we met her at the school to take her picture and help bring her stuff to her classroom … and Daddy was not wanting his little girl to grow up and take off on the bus without him …) school and home. Although the ride to school was “SO FUN!”, the ride home came with some tears as Sophie had gotten in trouble for being silly and got seperated from her friend (day 2 was just fine). Someone was also overtired from all the excitement and didn’t want to do her “A” homework because it was “too boring”. But, we made it through not only the first day, but the second day too. She is definately more excited about day three than her big brother is!!

Onto other big news in the Luce house:

Guess who lost her first tooth!! She was pretty proud that she had 2 wiggly teeth at once, and probably was only wiggling during naptime, but she lost the first one today. It came with a lesson (it was not ready to come out yet): that’s why you don’t open things with your teeth!! She didn’t realize it until she saw something in the container of cantaloupe that must have been right under her … “Who put THIS in here … gross … WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” … as she realizes it’s her tooth! After quite a few tears and Daddy promising ice cream after a good nap, all is well again.

Even though we’ve gotten rain off and on all weekend, it has been cooler this weekend, and that is so nice! We are hoping that it will let up enough that we can get our last “weekend” project (ok, this one’s taken a couple) done. Not telling what it is, but we’ll post some pictures as soon as it’s done (Ooooh!! The suspense!!).

We hope you are all enjoying the last bit of summer! We love and miss you all! Jackie, Brian, and the kids