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So long summer … July 31, 2010

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Well, we’ve been a busy bunch, and it’s officially back to school in 5 days. Sophie, starting kindergarten, could not be more excited, Tyler, on the other hand, starting 8th, could handle a few more weeks of vacation. MOM, is looking forward to a little quiet time 🙂

We ended June by loading up in the van (Irene included) and headed to upstate NY to visit Brian’s family for about 2 weeks. We had a great time seeing everyone and the weather was beautiful (hot, but wonderful in comparison to FL) so we got to spend LOTS of time outside. We celebrated Sophie’s 5th birthday by going to Howe’s Caverns, which she thought was really cool. Brian, Tyler, and I went up to Syracuse to see Brian’s old stomping grounds … Tyler thought it was really cool!! We were all very sad to have to load back up and head towards home.

One of my favorite pictures from our trip … Grandpa Rusty reading to the girls, the night before we left.

We came home through DC and Brian and Tyler stopped up to visit Chris at Walter Reed. The girls and I got to hang out with Heather. We met Brian’s DC gang out for dinner, and stayed overnight with Craig and Shannon. It was a quick stop, but so worth it. We stopped one more night in Hickory, NC to see our friend Jacqueline. Then it was time to leave the beautiful mountains and get back to sea level (sad face).

Of course, the rest of July has just flown by. Brian has been staying busy with physical therapy and working. He was back in DC the past few days for Randy’s burial ceremony at Arlington. It was an emotional week. Fortunately, Chris was able to go to the ceremony also, so they could be there together.

Tyler has been busy since we got back too. He did a paintball camp, a soccer clinic (Sophie went too), and has been working for our neighbors who own a landscaping company. They tell me he’s a really hard worker (like I didn’t already know that!), and we just think it’s good experience for him. Most of all, though, he enjoys it … or enjoys the pay anyway!!

The girls are taking swim lessons and think it’s great, they just wonder why they are so short.

Ok … that about covers the past month!! We hope you all have had a wonderful summer and enjoy the last few weeks (while we enjoy our last few days!).

Till next time … all our love, Jackie, Brian, and the kids