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A week already, back at home May 6, 2010

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We’ve been back home for a week now, and are adjusting pretty well. Brian had appointments this week, to have new xrays and ct scans and mri’s. His doctor here was not convinced that he DIDN’T need surgery on his ankle, and fortunately after comparing xrays, we got the good news that no surgery is needed. We also met with his spine doctor today, and he said Brian is healing “textbook” and should only be in his backbrace for a little over a month. What great news to hear … although the backbrace is really the least of Brian’s discomfort, it’s good to know things are moving in a less restricting direction. Brian also met with Physical Therapy today, and gets started tomorrow and will go a few times a week. He’s looking at maybe starting to go in to work next week for very short periods of time,  slowly working back up to a full work day.

On to more mobile news, Tyler had his last track meet of the season on Saturday and ran his personal best of 5:36 for his mile (I’m exhausted and out of breath just thinking about it). He’s shaved over a minute off his time thru the short track season and we could not be more proud of how hard he’s worked.

The girls have only about 2 1/2 weeks left of school. Sophie will be starting Kindergarten after summer vacation and then I don’t know what I’ll use as a tool to hold over her … she is SO excited!!

Alright. I’m exhausted, so I better get to bed! I hope this finds all of you well … as always, all my love, Jackie


2 Responses to “A week already, back at home”

  1. Sarah Novlesky Says:

    You have an amazing family. I’m so happy things are settling down a little for you all. I’m sure your kiddos were so happy to see you and Brian.

  2. tony Says:

    Glad to here things are moving in the right direction.We’re pulling for you all.Love you guys take care and good luck.

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