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Home at last … April 29, 2010

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We are home … how wonderful it is!!!! We got in about 4:30 yesterday and were greeted by Brian’s squadron, spouses, friends, family … it was so emotional to see that flood of people welcoming us home, the kids running to us … I have tears again just thinking about it!

Brian also was promoted to Major, which we knew was happening in the next few days, but his DO decided to do it then and there. It was a big day, all the way around. Emma wouldn’t let me put her down, and asked Daddy if his foot was sick. She’s given his leg and foot lots of hugs and likes to play doctor on it. We’ve heard “I really missed you” lots of times and gotten lots of hugs from the girls and Tyler. Of course, this morning was back to normal and Emma didn’t like Daddy anymore after he told her to get her shoes on … I think they’ve made up tho 🙂

I’ll post more pictures soon. We have our own personal paparazzi, my good friend, Jacqueline was able to put her awesome new camera to use and capture the homecoming for us, I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!! She also came over and had the girls make signs for Daddy. Thank you Jac!!

Again … as I put in every post, thank you all for everything. We love you all so much!! Jackie


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