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April 21, 2010

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Hi all! Just a quick note to update … Brian is doing well. Slowly but surely getting up more and more. Today he didn’t feel well most of the day, but did his PT and OT like a champ. He’s still not sleeping much because of the discomfort. They are talking about discharging him possibly Friday or Monday, then they want him to stay in the Mologne House for a week for outpatient PT. That is up for debate, if they are going to discharge him, we are hoping that they can discharge him back to Eglin AFB, which is only 15 minutes from home, so he can do his outpatient PT there. We’ll find out more in the next day or two.

He’s had lots of visitors in the evening and that’s been great, seen lots of friends he hasn’t seen in a while and past Commander’s … we’ve had such great support. Brian’s first Commander from Minot (and his wife and kids) came up to see him yesterday. It was wonderful to meet them, and Beth brought us up dinner … even searched for a recipe and made me TaterTot Hotdish … so wonderful!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our life!!

I have a little homework to do for my next post. Brian wants me to add in that we’ve had help from lots of really great organizations, they’ve made sure that we are taken care of (clothes for Brian, phone cards, gift cards, … all kinds of stuff!). I will get a little more specific in my next post. If anyone is looking for a good cause to donate to, these are wonderful organizations … stay tuned!!

We love you all!!! Jackie


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