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Movin’ on up … April 16, 2010

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So, another day winds down … I am sitting in my hotel room, eating my meal of room service nachos (not bad!) and am exhausted. Brian got moved up to a regular room today, from ICU. There was nothing too different today, about 75 doctors, nurses, liaisons, and whoever came through, so pretty tiring for him. His mom and stepdad are still here, so they had some time with him and his friends Joe & Heather stopped up … that really brightened his day!!

We are still waiting on the so mysterious back brace that everyone keeps talking about but no one seems to come up with. Brian is anxiously awaiting that because once that is on, he can start moving towards a sitting position. They put a soft cast on his leg today and although it prevents his foot/ankle from moving it puts stress on his knee which had some injury to it also. But, we are moving forward, and each day is a little better than the last, and one step closer to flying again.

Today, at Hurlburt, the memorial was held for Major Voas and Senior Master Sgt Lackey. Obviously we were not able to be there, but I heard that the turnout was amazing and the service was beautiful. My thoughts are with both families as they continue on this journey, their lives forever changed.

I’ll keep updating … thank you again, for all of your support. We have so many amazing people in our lives, and are so thankful!! G’nite!! Jackie


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