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April 15, 2010

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Today was tough, Brian was in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. They took him in for surgery this morning and were going to be flushing the wound on his back and then doing surgery on his leg. They did more xrays while he was under and decided against surgery. He was originally supposed to have surgery on his back, and they have also decided against that and he should be put in a brace in the next couple days. They will be starting physical therapy tomorrow, and although it will be tough, it will be wonderful for him to have some movement after a week of being on his back. We should be here possibly two weeks and will know more as he gets into his physical therapy.

Brian’s mom and stepdad got here today and I know that had to be wonderful for his mom to hug him and see him rather than just hearing me tell her that he’s ok. I’m going to let them have a bit of time together tomorrow and I’ll maybe sleep in a little bit while I know he’s got someone with him. They are going to head down to Florida on Friday to take over with the kids until we get to come home.

Although he’s not feeling great, Brian is really looking forward to seeing his Syracuse friends that live in the area. Just get in touch with me and we’ll figure out times so we don’t have too many people in his room at once.

As always, thank you all for all your love and support and prayers and thoughts and everything … goodnight!! Jackie


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  1. Joe McElroy Says:

    Jackie, I met Brian at SOS. We’re in Warner Robins, GA and have some friends down in the Ft Walton/Destin area. Please please please let me know if you need anything. My Dad is an engineer at Robins for the Reserve Command and he’s always at Hurlburt lately working on the hangers for the Special Ops guys. He’s down there this week in fact.

    To Brian, I only know you through SOS, the coorespondence we’ve had since then, and the night you came over for dinner when you were here but I know you well enough to KNOW that you will attack rehab hard and get back to flying.

    “I pity the fool that try to steal my bacon”

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