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What a week … April 13, 2010

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Hi family and friends!! I’m sure by now all of you have heard about the crash that Brian was in. If not, on Thursday, the Osprey that he was the copilot of crashed. The pilot and one of the two flight engineers did not make it, the other flight engineer had serious injuries. He’s been in and out of surgery and been sedated the whole time. He IS responsive, and although he will have a lot of rehab, things are looking good for him.

Brian was so lucky. His left leg is broken above the ankle, the swelling hasn’t gone down enough yet to be put in a cast. The impact of the crash fractured his L1 vertebrae and that is requiring surgery. They weren’t able to do surgery yet, because the impact basically seperated the muscle from the bone, there is bleeding, and this needs to heal first. The surgeon told me it should be about 2 weeks until they do surgery. He had a concussion and many scrapes and bruises, but is doing very well. He is real uncomfortable, as he has to be on his back or turned on his side, but can’t get up or sit up. He’s been very well taken care of every step of the way, has said that his nurses have taken great care of him.

Luckily, I’ve got to talk to him quite a lot. He sounds good! I’m in DC right now and he’ll be getting in in a matter of hours. I will be waiting at Walter Reed, ready to hug him! I’m guessing that we will be here until he has surgery, but will update if there are any changes.

The kids are doing great. They are being taken care of by our friends Amanda and Nate Eaton. They’ll be with the kids until Brian’s mom and stepdad get down after stopping thru to see Brian.

Friends have asked what happens now. Now Brian recovers from his injuries and when he’s ready, he goes back to work. He fully intends on deploying again in July, just as planned. Because of the concussion, it is standard that he won’t be able to fly for 6 months to a year, but then he’ll be back in the air. Although my heart is broken for the Voas and Lackey families, I feel so lucky that Brian is ok. My thoughts are with them constantly. But I do still know that Brian was where he was supposed to be, doing not only what he loves, but what he was meant to do … and will continue to do so. And he will always have my full support … he was born to fly.

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts, prayers, well wishes … we feel so loved! Now I need to go get ready to see my hubby!!

We love you all! Jackie and family


3 Responses to “What a week …”

  1. Gary McMahon Says:

    Hi Luce’s
    So glad to hear Brian will be closer to home…and at the same time, sorry to hear about his buddies….
    The family looks great, so we are sure he will be very safe and happy.
    The Blog looks great also…Keep up the good work when able…
    We will make plans accordingly to see Brian during his recovery…
    Gary and Margie McMahon

    • theluces Says:

      I’m sure he would be so happy to see you guys!! My cell is 701-340-4591, I should know lots more today about our timeline and what will be happening here.

  2. Sara Macha Says:

    Thoughts and prayers coming your way! All our best to you and Brian and the kids…

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