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Emma’s THREE!! April 7, 2010

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Yesterday was Emma’s THIRD birthday!! We had decided that we were not celebrating her birthday until Brian gets back, for a couple reasons: she’s only 3, she doesn’t really know when her birthday is anyways, and also because Brian is the cake maker in the family (not that I can’t make a cake, but he does such a great job decorating their cakes). I had to cave a little and let Emma know that it was her birthday, so she could now say that she’s 3 instead of 2. Sophie was just as excited that it was Emma’s birthday and said, “EMMA!! It’s your BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Emma!!” and Emma said, “Thank you!! Happy Birthday to you too Sophie!!” She was ok with not having a party till Daddy gets home ” … ahh right”. I got mini cupcakes for her class at school and she got to be line leader and wear her birthday crown all day. She wanted to wear it today too, but I had to draw the line there. She also celebrated by picking out her own clothes (sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt, although it was 74 yesterday) and not having her hair combed … who am I to deny her on her birthday?!

Brian is doing well, staying very busy. The rest of the guys are there now, so he has a roommate, which he has no complaints about. They are just busier now, so the already short phone calls will be even less frequent. That has been the biggest adjustment with him being gone, is not being able to talk much and when we do get to talk it is rarely for any more than 5 minutes. It is hard to not have the option of picking up the phone and calling him … not even having a number to do so. I’ve been trying to send him emails a little more often, even though he doesn’t get to check that all that often either. I can’t imagine what it was like years ago when there was no communication while husbands were deployed, maybe a letter here and there …

SO, the kids and I are doing well, staying busy. Tyler has a track meet today, and I have plenty of homework to do (hence the blog getting updated!!). I have an hour till I pick the girls back up from school and then have to get them down for naps and onto the computer for my 1:00 class. The days just keep cruising by … before we know it, Brian will be home!!

We love you all!!


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