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And so the journey begins … March 23, 2010

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And so it begins … Brian is deployed. He called this morning and let me know that he has made it to his destination. I’m so proud of him, off to do what he’s been trained to do. He works so hard, as a husband, father, and service member … and does all of them so well. Although I miss him like crazy already, he’s where he’s supposed to be right now.

So the kids and I go about our daily routine, looking forward to him returning, but still enjoying our time. Monday is our busy day. Tyler has track practice after school (which he has every day after school), and the girls have gymnastics (Emma) and tumbling (Sophie). It’s real fun to watch, and there are some neat mom’s there watching their kids. We got home this evening and I had made some lentil soup in the crockpot. Tyler was a real champ and ate his bowlfull. Emma took one little bite and spit the other one out. Sophie took her 4 bites because she’s 4, and then ate a banana. It wasn’t great … it wasn’t even good. I’ll have to find a new recipe. Regardless, Brian will probably be glad he’s deployed tonight, because Tyler and I will probably be pretty windy …

Ok, better get to my homework!! Till next time …


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