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Zoo day at school March 20, 2010

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We had a trip to the zoo on Thursday for the girls school. It was a bit chilly, but a nice morning for it. They had a great time and their friend, Brynn and her mom and brother met us there … so even better.

I found out this week, much to my suprise, that Emma knows her Pledge of Allegiance. I tried to upload the video, but it wouldn’t work for some reason that I couldn’t figure out. I am so proud of her! Her teacher, Mrs. Higgins, said they say it every day, and that Emma says it sometimes … well she knows the whole thing!! Sophie has been saying it for awhile, and feels the need to argue that it’s not “to which it stands” but “widgetstand” … I’m sure only one of MANY arguments to come.

Ok … I better get ready for my day. Brian leaves later, so he’s having some one on one time with each of the kids today (the girls have gymnastics this morning, one after the other, and we are all meeting for lunch, and then him and Tyler are going to go paintballing … we had our date night last night). The girls were VERY excited to be having their own “dates” with Dad today.

Have a great weekend, we love you all!!


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