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Tyler’s a teenager …. where did the time go?! March 12, 2010

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Tyler wanted to go out for hibachi ... his friend Spencer came along.

He wanted an Osprey cake … and Dad delivered!!

So … it’s March and Tyler is officially a teenager. Where has the time gone? He was just my little teeny tiny baby with an old man face and now he’s almost as tall as me!! He’s on the track team at Max Bruner Middle School, a distance runner and yesterday ran his mile in 6:27 … speedy Gonzales!! Running with our dog, Irene has been helping improve his time, I think.

It was a fabulous birthday for him. He’s been saving and with birthday money he had enough to buy himself an XBox 360 and an extra controller and game. We’re pretty proud of how he’s been doing his chores and saving his money. A car is next I guess …

He also got a pair of Vans Off the Wall’s, which all the cool kids are wearing, I guess … ha!! He’s been having Air Soft wars with his neighborhood friends, so he got a rifle and is having a blast with that too.

Well … better get back to my homework, now that the blog is updated. Brian will be deploying soon, so we are just getting in the last bit of quality family time before that happens. It’s been in the 60s so hopefully this next week we’ll have some real sunny days and get in a little beach time!! YAY FLORIDA!!!

Lots of love to you all!!
Till next time ….


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